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Vibes In The Vines

The ambience created by downtempo, chillout and melodic tunes in a relaxing atmosphere can only but enhance the natural surroundings shared with friends. Discuss with me what genre works best for you. 



Vibes In The Vines

“Vibes In The Vines” It could bring a new level of uplifting atmosphere created by suitable live music in the presence of vibrant and thriving vines or a garden. I’ve got experience with this at wineries with a wide range of age demographics. So please reach out to discuss the prospect at your venue.


Vibes In The Vines

Delicious food and balanced wine brings people. Enjoyable music keeps people! 

"Vibes In The Vines" is an event that takes place in various vineyard settings, typically offering a combination of live music, food, and wine. These events can held indoors or outdoorsdepending on the weather amidst the scenic backdrop of vineyards. Providing visitors with a unique and enjoyable experience. Vibes In The Vines events are popular among those who appreciate good music, delicious food, and fine wine, as they offer an opportunity to relax and unwind in a picturesque setting while enjoying live down tempo and melodic tunes and culinary delights. These events may vary in terms of their frequency, location, and specific offerings, so it's a good idea to check for upcoming events in your area if you're interested in attending one or in fact hosting one.

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Contact me Neil Kinder to discuss specific music genre to suits your venue.

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